A network like no other.

At KAADA, you are so much more than just your business card. 

Join local professionals who are focused on growth, both their's and your's.


What can you expect from KAADA?

Our process focuses on developing solid connections, not simply names and numbers.

By taking what you learn from the Kaada experience, your meetings will never be the same.

People recommend and connect with people AFTER they get to know them.  Genuine relationships create robust networks.

Taking time to grow in your role is very important. The Kaada format creates a consistent place for honest, usable feedback.

Our community of professionals provides numerous opportunities to sharpen your skills in areas that directly impact your life.

"I am amazed by the vulnerability shown today" is a typical comment from a participant.  Expect people to care about your issues honestly.


Sometimes, you need someone to provide the external push to move you off-center.  Our format supports direct and supportive motivation.

Using the Kaada Process, you will be surprised by how much feedback you can get over a long lunch hour.

"My experience with Kaada has been fantastic.  I've had the opportunity to meet other professionals and exchange ideas and discuss challenges - all in a private, confidential setting" 

Eric Balmer
Pam Hagge

If you want to make an impact on others and your community...

“...soul nutrition...
...creative insights...
...bucket filling...

"If you are looking to brainstorm or vet high-level issues, KAADA is the place to do it" 

Angela Coleman

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